Rise Credit Review – No Stone Left Unturned

Rise Credit Review – No Stone Left Unturned

(18 customer reviews)
Loan Ammount
$300 - $5,000
Loan term
From 4 to 26 months
Min. credit score
Not specified
Est. APR
50% to 299%
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8.5/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #8 in category Reviews on Payday Loans

Rise Credit takes pride in offering a wide range of online personal loans that focus on people in need of urgent money. This lender can help you on the path to a brighter financial future if you know how to use their loans wisely. In short, this loan provider may be a lifesaver when you are facing a cash emergency.

On their website, you’ll find a range of personal loans and installment loans. The site even offers credit score monitoring and helpful money-managing strategies for people with poor credit. Still, you’ll run across an unusually high-interest rate related to most of their products.

Customer Experience
  • Credit score monitoring for bad credit holders
  • Fast personal loan approval
  • Flexible loan terms and conditions
  • Most fees waived
  • Inconvenient interest rates
  • Relatively small loan amounts
  • Not available US-wide
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Company (Lender) Loan Amount Loan term Min. credit score Est. APR Funds available in
risecredit $300 to $5,000 From 4 to 26 months Not specified 50% to 299%

Rise Credit operates in 31 states across the US, and the entire lending procedure runs online. Customers can apply for personal loans ranging from $300 to $5,000 with variable repayment periods that stretch up to 26 months. A significant upside of this loan company is that it doesn’t charge applications, prepayment, or origination fees.

Conversely, their short-term loans come at a relatively high cost. Indeed, APRs can reach obscene percentages up to 299% depending on your credit history and state of residence. So, ensure you think twice when applying as urgent cash providers may become real budget drainers.

What Is Rise Credit, and Is It Legitimate?


Rise Credit is a direct lender that operates online and gives a lending hand to customers with bad scores. They have been present in the lending market for over six years and offer fast cash under relatively lenient terms.

If “is Rise Credit legit” one of your primary concerns, stop worrying. This lender has received A+ from the Better Business Bureau, a reliable indicator that the company is legitimate. Though they haven’t received accreditation yet, Rise Credit scores high for transparency. They are always straightforward about what personal loans you get and at what cost.

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How Much Can You Get From Rise Credit?

The loan amount you can get and the APR vary by state and financial position. Generally, the amounts range from $300 up to $5,000 as the absolute maximum. Rarely, such as in Idaho and Delaware, the minimum sum may be as little as $300.

The APR depends on your bi-weekly or monthly payments, with the first one being just 14 days after the effective loan date. Meaning, clients get no grace periods but must start repaying very soon after taking out the personal loan.

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Am I Eligible to Apply?

Our Rise Credit review found that the company operates only online, and you must prove that you qualify for a loan digitally. They have set criteria that you should meet to get approved. Thus, consider the following requirements when applying:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • A regular stream of income
  • Active checking bank account
  • Email address to receive information
  • Place of residence in a country where Rise Creditoperates

Based on your specific circumstances, you may get an inquiry for additional information to verify your financial position.

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How Long Does It Take to Receive Money From Rise Credit?

With Rise, customers have quick and convenient access to personal loans. The online application process won’t take longer than 10 minutes to complete, particularly if you have all the required documents at hand.

Once you apply, the lender will need a short time to verify your information and reach a final verdict. If you receive approval, it will also contain the amount you can borrow and the accompanying fees. Moreover, if the process gets completed before 6 p.m. ET, the cash should reach your checking account the next business day.

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Is Rise Credit Right for You?

If you’re in pursuit of urgent cash to overcome an immediate financial hardship, Credit Rise approved funds within 24 hours. Such funding is incredibly helpful if traditional banks or other lenders won’t consider your inquiries. Rise Credit is also a reliable option for people with bad credit since they don’t prescribe a minimum score for approval.

The customer service is professional and tends to respond to almost any online review. Even more, they give their best to resolve online disputes and complaints. Apart from loan products, the company also provides credit score monitoring. Plus, the lender offers loans that appear on this site and get reviewed by hundreds of customers.

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Verified Clients’ Comments

The average BBB rating of Rise Credit loans stands at 3.42, with several reviews from dissatisfied customers. However, the company has an excellent rating on TrustPilot, which caps at 4.5 out of 5. The following are random Rise Credit reviews left on TrustPilot and Better Business Bureau from verified clients:

It’s was easy to apply and got a response the very same day and my money within 3 days!!! Great experience!! Thank you!?”

Amelia Dela Rosa

“I read all of the complaints, and I have the same, RISE will rob you blind. You will pay about 1 – 2 years on just interest. None of the money in those payments will go towards the principal. This should be illegal. The rate is outrageous. The ad is misleading. I’m in worse financial shape than I was when I took the loan thanks to them.”

Cynthia H

Simple process. Painstakingly easy. I have already paid off one loan and am reapplying for the next. Excellent way to build credit history and the payments are fair.”

Misty Roman

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Final Thoughts

All in all, Rise can come handy when in the middle of financial chaos without any alternative funding options. They provide quick loans with flexible repayment terms, and that is great news for poor credit holders. On top of that, Rise Credit has developed some wellness tools that teach useful smart money habits.

However, despite their intentions to assist clients with bettering their credit scores, users are subject to high-interest rates. Late payment fees are also applicable in most states. So, unless you’ve exhausted all other available financing options, avoid getting into debt with RiseCredit loans.

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Does Rise Credit help your credit?

Borrowing with Rise Credit is a smart option if you want to improve your overall financial status. Since the company has rights reserved to report to credit bureaus, making on-time payments may improve your credit rating. However, defaulting on a personal loan agreement may impact your score and make the rebuilding process difficult. Meaning, if your debt goes into the hands of collectors, your credit score will suffer.

Is Rise Credit a payday loan?

No, but it offers loans as a better-termed alternative than most payday loans or credit cards. Meaning, you won’t be under pressure to repay the loans with your next paycheck. On top of that, the approved loan amounts are higher, and the interest rate is more favorable than that of payday loans.

Does Rise Credit do a hard pull?

When checking your eligibility for the loan, the lender runs a soft inquiry. However, if they obtain data from Teletrack, your profile with such credit bureaus gets affected. Once you accept the offered loan product, Rise Credit makes a hard inquiry that later appears in your credit reports.

How to get out of a Rise loan?

Most borrowers ask, ”Can you pay off a Rise loan early?” and we have the answer. Your last resort solution to get out of any debt is to attempt to pay off the personal loan earlier than planned. Luckily, Rise Credit won’t charge you an early repayment fee, so go ahead. Due to high APRs, you should settle your debts as quickly as possible to avoid overpayment in the long run.

Terms: Rise Credit Review – No Stone Left Unturned

Loan amount $300 - $5,000
Loan term From 4 to 26 months
Min. credit score Not specified
Est. APR 50% to 299%

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18 reviews for Rise Credit Review – No Stone Left Unturned

4.2 out of 5
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  1. Evelyn S

    Rise Credit is a company that offers a quick service and I am satisfied with it. It boasted my credit score once I repaid it on time. Thank you

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  2. Sienna S

    Their fees are unspeakable. Everything that I paid for a small initial loan is absurd. I am in a difficult financial situation because of them.

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  3. Sofia D

    Their approval is fast, I got the money immediately and could settle my late payments. However their interest rate is high, so I got into difficulties repaying their loan. Use it as last resort.

    Helpful(0) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  4. Daisy P

    In my opinion, they charge too much for a loan. When I saw how much I will have to pay for 500 dollars I rejected the loan offered. Other companies charge less.

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  5. Phoebe S

    The staff was very helpful with getting my title loan for me very quickly and hassle free. Would definitely recommend.

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  6. Sophie A

    The service from Rise Credit was better than expected. Sam and team kept me well informed and helped me complete the application process. Couldn’t have been more pleased with the experience.

    Helpful(0) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  7. Alice H

    Honestly this company and the staff that was involved with helping me with my loan were absolutely amazing. Everything went very smoothly, fast, and very efficient. The best experience I have honestly ever had. I will always be coming back to this company.

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  8. Harper M

    They helped out with what i needed and they were very nice

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  9. Matilda R

    The customer support was fantastic. I’ve never really had a company that really takes personal pride in giving their customers what they need. I will let all of my friends know to use your company for their personal loan needs

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  10. Ruby E

    They saved our day!! I would give them more then 5 stars!! Thank you!!

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  11. Emilia M

    Was very hesitant at first due to uncertainty with the process, however, the team was professional and answered my questions to help my concerns. No pressure felt and all of the expectations presented were met on time and followed through.

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  12. Maya M

    Overall, an above average performance by their team. I wasn’t sure what to expect regarding turnaround time, but I am satisfied. Very helpful associates, easy to deal with. A lot of documentation is required, but understandable. Thanks!

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  13. Millie I

    I would like to thank Rise Credit for always having a smile on my face.

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  14. Isabelle E

    Thanks Rise Credit if not for your service I would not be able to pay my bills every month, I really appreciate it.

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  15. Eva L

    Overall, I had a wonderful experience. The one small issue I had was the explanation of when I would receive my funds after I sent the documents. I waited for an email after I sent the documents as instructed. However, I thought I was told it would be 30-40 minutes after. I waited for two hours and then I called. The email was sent shortly after my phone call. It really wasn’t a big deal, that was just a small issue in the process.

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  16. Luna J

    The explanation of the loan was professionally given about when it would be due and how to pay it off.

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  17. Jessica A

    Horrible service, funny how businesses now in days forget about customer service.The two employees working there had an attitude problem like they hated working there.All I could say is that leave your attitude at home.

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  18. Ada A

    My loan advisor was extremely helpful gave me clear instructions and was very helpful in getting me set up as quickly as possible for a loan

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    Rise Credit Review – No Stone Left Unturned
    Rise Credit Review – No Stone Left Unturned

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