DirectLoanTransfer Review – A Full Rundown

DirectLoanTransfer Review – A Full Rundown

(10 customer reviews)
Loan Ammount
$100 - $5,000
Loan term
Depends on the lender
Min. credit score
Not specified
Est. APR
Up to 35.99% for bad credit scores
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9/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #2 in category Reviews on Payday Loans

DirectLoanTransfer is not a single lender but a vast network of lenders striving to provide applicants with the best possible loan products. Founded in 2016, they aim to help consumers make rational financial decisions and take control of their finances.

Most importantly, customers have an extensive choice of products to deal with their money emergencies. With products ranging from short-term payday loans to car titles and installment loans, there's a solution to overcome most hardships. Yet, be aware that you'll be subject to high APRs if your credit rating is low and fail to pay off the debt.

Customer Experience
  • Fast approval
  • Flexible terms
  • Maximum client protection
  • Professional customer service
  • Small loan amounts
  • High-interest rates on bigger loans
  • Applicable late payment fee
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Company (Lender) Loan Amount Loan term Min. credit score Est. APR Funds available in
directloantransfer $100 – $5,000 Depends on the lender Not specified Up to 35.99% for bad credit scores 24 hours

An unexpected financial crisis can come along your way at any time. Therefore, it’s advisable to know your lending options if you happen to get strapped for cash. DirectLoanTransfer is one of the fastest, most reliable, and accessible online lenders that cater to its clients’ urgent money needs.

The brand is open and transparent in its work and provides all rates and fees related to the loan service. If you agree to the proposed terms, the money gets deposited into your account the next business day. Want to learn more? Well, our Direct Loan Transfer review provides a detailed overview of their business practices and helps you make the right decision.

What Is DirectLoanTransfer, and Is It Legitimate?


If one of your primary concerns was, “Is DirectLoanTransfer legit?” worry no more. According to Scamadviser, a trusted site that determines most websites’ legitimacy, this lender is not a scam. Having investigated the page, the verified reviews, and satisfied customers, we drew the same conclusion.

DirectLoanTransfer com is a legitimate and reliable site that offers safe personal loan products and services. Customers run quite a low risk of having their private information exposed or shared with a third party. To make sure you stay protected, contact the company and check their privacy policy terms before applying.

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How Much Can You Get From DirectLoanTransfer Com?

Depending on the product you wish to apply for, the approved amount can vary. For instance, with installment loans, customers have access to higher amounts of up to $5,000. Of course, this figure is the absolute maximum and may differ based on the specific lender and your residence state.

When it comes to payday or bad credit loans, expect the approved sum to be lower. The lowest figure you can apply for stands at $100, while typical payday loans can reach a few hundred dollars. Also, returning customers get much faster access to higher loan amounts than first-time applicants.

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Am I Eligible to Apply?

As with other lending companies, applicants must meet specific criteria to get considered for any loan product. The following requirements are mandatory, and evidence thereof should be available to the lender while applying:

  • You must be over 18
  • Hold a United States citizenship or be a permanent state resident.
  • Show proof of regular income of at least $1,000 after tax
  • Employment of at least three months in your current job
  • Social security number
  • Have an active bank account on your behalf
  • Provide a valid email address and a telephone number
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How Long Does It Take to Get Money From DirectLoanTransfer?

DirectLoanTransfer com and its collaborators make maximum efforts to process your information on short notice. To get started, you’ll need no more than five minutes to complete the online application. Then, the application goes to potential lenders for preapproval.

Depending on the complexity of the inquiry, you may receive offers after a short time. Once you select a particular company, you have rights reserved to deal with the lender for final approval and signing directly. The funds will most likely reach your bank account within the next 24 hours. A loan may get delayed in some instances, but this depends on your bank and its swiftness.

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Is Direct Loan Transfer Right for You?

This company endeavors to match distressed borrowers with the best lenders available in the lending business. They aim to provide financial assistance in cases when traditional banks don’t consider you. Note that new customers are often not subject to ‘hard’ checks’ to help them use money faster.

In case you suffer from poor credit history, this may be the ideal place to seek help. Anyways, a low credit rating will most likely incur higher interest rates and charges. Still, Direct Loan Transfer aims to introduce you only to lenders and companies with the most competitive rates.

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Verified Clients’ Comments

Direct Loan Transfer has one of the best ratings on Trust Pilot, which currently stands at 4.4. Browsing through the comments, we couldn’t notice any dissatisfied customers. The following are random DirectLoanTransfer reviews from verified clients:

“This is the one of the best way to find a loan. If you looking for a loan this is the fast and the best option for you.”

– Gene A Luidhard

“Everything was smooth and easy.”

– Stanley J. Bruce

“With my credit score around 520 finding a good loan offer was a real challenge and I’m glad these guys had helped me.” 

– William A. Schuler

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Final Word

Sometimes income fails us; other times, an emergency strikes out of a sudden. It’s in our nature to seek an immediate solution and accommodate to the newly arisen conditions. That’s the moment when personal fast loans come in handy. Unlike your credit card, interest rates on payday loans tend to be lower. Regular debt payment can also improve your rating in the long run.

Knowing that your personal information gets protected from scam practices is another reason to apply with Direct Loan Transfer. For any doubts, contact their professional customer service online through their website or via email. Last, rely on our DirectLoanTransfer review to make a sound borrowing decision.

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Does Direct Loan Transfer help your credit?

When you submit your data via their website, you agree to a hard credit check. To do so, this lender performs checks via the major credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. Such pulls negatively impact your credit score. In that regard, it doesn’t help immensely. If you make regular payments, however, this can have a positive impact in the long run.

Is DirectLoanTransfer a payday loan?

Apart from other scam products and services, here, you can also apply for payday loans. The site offers a wide range of potential lenders who provide payday loans under various terms of use. Once you apply, you’ll get matched up with the best payday loan offers you qualify for.

What type of loans does DirectLoanTransfer com offer?

Here, you’ll find a fantastic assortment of loan products carefully tailored to suit the urgent needs of customers. Their selection of loans includes fast short-term loans, bad credit loans, small payday loans, title loans, and no credit check loans. Also, there are products and services intended for the unemployed and loans for car repairs or other emergencies.

What happens when I can’t pay back a Direct Loan Transfer loan on time?

The website claims that it takes excellent care of its customers, particularly those in financial hardship. Therefore, its lenders usually allow troubled borrowers to roll over the personal loan until their next payday. However, this will entail additional fees on the borrower’s side that may reach extreme amounts.

Terms: DirectLoanTransfer Review – A Full Rundown

Loan amount $100 - $5,000
Loan term Depends on the lender
Min. credit score Not specified
Est. APR Up to 35.99% for bad credit scores

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  1. Savannah

    Great post.

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    - CONS: Great post.
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  2. Carolyn J

    I have a very low credit score and this was the right solution for me. They are fast and reliable

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  3. Jack J

    The DirectLoanTransfer is very reliable company. The application went smooth and I got approved almost instantly and I got the money within next day.

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  4. Janet D

    The best offer on the market when you need cash fast. They will give their best to suit your needs. I refer them to anyone with cash emergency.

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  5. Dennis R

    Although they have high interest rates this is a bet company when you need emergency cash. They also offer advice how to manage your finances. 5 stars

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  6. Ruth J

    The best alternative for short loans. Their advice is to repay it on time. They are very transparent with their fees for the loan you are taking.

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  7. Maria T

    Very nice company and good customer support. They approved the loan fast without bothering too much. The money was on my account the next day.

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  8. Tyler H

    I’ve used DirectLoanTransfer couple of times. I am very satisfied with their service. After the check the first time and of course paying the loan on time, they approve it very fast the next time. Excellent service.

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  9. Heather A

    I can recommend DirectLoanTransfer to anyone. Their service is good and their work is transparent. You should look no more for loan company.

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  10. Aaron D

    I was surprised how fast the application go and how fast I was approved for a loan. Very good service and excellent customer care.

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    DirectLoanTransfer Review – A Full Rundown
    DirectLoanTransfer Review – A Full Rundown

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